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Refuge and Bodhicitta:

I take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

Until I am enlightened

By practising generosity and the other perfections

May I attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.

The Four Immeasurables:

May all living beings have happiness and its causes

May all living beings be free from suffering and its causes

May all living beings never be separated from the joy that knows no sorrow

May all living beings abide in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion that hold some close and others distant. 

Ganden Lha Gyama Guru Yoga:

Invocation of the Supreme Field 

From the heart of the Protector

of the hundreds of deities of the Land of Joy

Comes a cloud that resembles a mass of fresh white curd.

Omniscient Lozang Dragpa, King of the Dharma,

together with your sons,

I request you to come here now.


Seven-limb prayer

O Venerable Gurus with white smiles of delight,

Seated on lion-thrones, lotus and moon in the space before me,

I request you to remain for hundreds of eons

in order to spread the teachings

And be the Supreme Field of Merit for my mind of faith.


Your minds have the intellect

that comprehends the full extent of what can be known,

Your speech, with its excellent explanations,

becomes the ear-ornament for those of good fortune,

Your bodies are radiantly handsome with glory renowned,

I prostrate to you whom to behold, hear or recall is worthwhile.


Pleasing water offerings, various flowers,

Fragrant incense, light, and scented water,

An ocean of cloud-like offerings,

both actually arranged and mentally created,

I present to you, O Supreme Field of Merit.


Whatever non-virtues of body, speech and mind

I have accumulated from beginningless time,

And especially any transgressions of my three vows,

I confess over and again with fervent regret from my heart.


From the depths of our hearts we rejoice, O Protectors,

In the great waves of your deeds,

You who strove to learn and practice in this degenerate age

And made life meaningful by abandoning the eight worldly feelings.


Oh Holy and Venerable Lamas, from the clouds of wisdom and compassion

That fall from the skies of your Dharmakaya Mind

Please release the rain of vast and profound Dharma,

Precisely in accordance with the needs of those to be trained.  


I dedicate whatever virtues I have ever collected

For the benefit of the teachings and all sentient beings,

And in particular for the essential teachings

Of Venerable Lozang Dragpa to shine forever.


By directing to the Fields of Buddhas this mandala,

On a base resplendent with flowers, saffron water and incense,

Adorned with Mount Meru and the four Continents, Sun and the Moon

May all sentient beings be led to these Fields.

Idam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Niryatayami.


By the force of having fervently requested in this way

Hollow rays of white light are emitted from the hearts

Of the venerable father and his two sons, the ends of which

Combine into one and enter the crown of my head.

By the white nectar, the colour of milk,

That comes through the pathway of the tube of white light

I am cleansed of all sickness, disturbance, non-virtues,

obstacles and their instincts, without exception.

And my body becomes as pure and clear as crystal.








You are Avalokiteshvara,

great treasure of compassion not aimed at true existence;

And Manjushri, master of flawless wisdom,

As well as Vajrapani, destroyer of hordes of demons without exception.

O Tsongkhapa, crown jewel of the sages of the land of Snows

Lozang Dragpa, I make requests at your lotus feet.

O Glorious and Precious Root Guru, come take your

Lotus and moon seat placed here upon my head

And keep me safe in your great kindness, 

Bestow on me, please the powerful attainments of your body, speech and mind.

O Glorious and Precious Root Guru, come take your

Lotus and moon seat placed here upon my heart

And keep me safe in your great kindness, 

Bestow on me the supreme and mundane siddhis.

O Glorious and Precious Root Guru, come take your

Lotus and moon seat placed here at my heart

And keep me safe in your great kindness, 

Remain steadfast until I achieve Buddhahood

By this merit may I quickly 

Attain the state of a Guru-Buddha

And may I lead into that state

Every being without exception.

Seven-limb Prayer from The King of Prayers

O lions amongst men,

Buddhas past, present, and future,

To as many of you as exist in the ten directions

I bow down with my body, speech, and mind.


On waves of strength of this king

Of prayers for exalted sublime ways,

With bodies as numerous as atoms of the world

I bow down to the Buddhas pervading space.


On every atom is found a Buddha

Sitting amongst countless Buddha sons,

I look with eyes of faith to the Victorious Ones

Thus filling the entire dharmadhatu.

Of these with endless oceans of excellence

Endowed with an ocean of wondrous speech

I sing praises of the greatness of all Buddhas,

A eulogy to those gone to bliss.

Garlands of flowers I offer them,

And beautiful sounds, supreme perfumes,

Butter lamps and sacred incense,

I offer to all the victorious ones.


Excellent food, supreme fragrances,

And a mound of mystic substances high as Mount Meru

I arrange in a special formation

And offer to those who have conquered themselves.


And all peerless offerings I hold up

In admiration of those gone to bliss;

With the strength of faith in sublime ways

I prostrate and make offerings to the Conquerors.


Long overpowered by attachment, aversion, and ignorance

Countless evils I have committed

With acts of body, speech, and mind.

Each and every one of these I now confess.


In the perfections of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas,

The arhats, training and beyond,

And in the latent goodness of every living being,

I lift up my heart and rejoice.


O lights into the ten directions,

Buddhas who have found the passionless stage of enlightenment,

To all of you I direct this request:

Turn the incomparable wheel of Dharma.


O Masters wishing to show parinirvana,

Stay with us and teach, I pray,

For as many eons as there are specks of dust,

In order to bring goodness and joy to all beings.


May any small merits that I may have amassed

By thus prostrating, making offerings, confessing, rejoicing,

And asking the Buddhas to remain and teach the Dharma,

Be dedicated now to supreme and perfect enlightenment.

Geshe Dhonam has recommended that the following are beneficial daily practices

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