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Links to sites of interest

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
The official website of His Holiness,
which includes access to archives of

his teachings, photos and his teaching schedule.

Drepung Gomang Monastery
Our lineage monastery based in South India where both our founding teacher,

Khensur Thabkhey Rinpoche, and resident teacher, Geshe Dhonam, trained.

Trashi Ge Phel Ling
Our sister centre in Wellington, where Geshe Dhonam teaches regularly.

Nyinge Trust 


Dorje Chang Institute, Avondale, Auckland
Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling, North Shore City, Auckland

Amitabha Hospice Service, Auckland (Hospice / Palliative Care)
 Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling, Whangarei
Mahamudra Centre, Coromandel

Chandrakirti Meditation Centre, Nelson

Christchurch Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Christchurch

Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, Dunedin

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