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Geshe Dhonam has recommended that the following are beneficial daily practices....  continued

If one is constrained by time, the following can be recited instead of The King of Prayers verses:

You whose body was produced by ten million virtues

Whose speech fulfills the hopes of countless beings, 

Whose mind sees all phenomena just as they are,

Oh foremost of the Shakyas, to you I pay homage.

To the precious Buddhas, the unexcelled teachers,

To the precious Dharmas, the unexcelled refuges,

To the precious Sanghas, the unexcelled spiritual guides,

To you who combine all objects of refuge, I pay homage.

I make offerings of every kind, both actually present and imagined:

I confess all ill-deeds and transgressions accumulated since beginningless time;

I rejoice in the virtue of ordinary beings and aryas;

I pray you to remain until samsara empties, 

And turn the wheel of Dharma for sentient beings' sake; 

I dedicate my own virtue and that of others to supreme enlightenment.

The Foundation of All Good Qualities 

For imprints for all paths from reliance on the Spiritual Friend to attainment of the Unified State.

The kind and venerable spiritual master is the foundation of all good qualities. Seeing that dependence on him or her is the root of the path, may I rely on him or her with great respect and continuous effort – inspire me thus!

A human life with leisure is obtained this once. Understanding that it has great value and is hard to find, may I produce unceasingly the mind that takes hold of its essence day and night – inspire me thus!

The fluctuation of our body and life is like a bubble of water; remember death, for we perish so quickly. After death, the effects of black and white karma pursue us as a shadow follows a body. Finding certainty in this, may I always be careful to abandon even the slightest negative action and to complete the accumulation of virtue – inspire me thus!

There is no satisfaction in enjoying worldly pleasures. They are the door to all misery. Having realized that the fault of samsaric perfections is that they cannot be trusted, may I be strongly intent on the bliss of liberation – inspire me thus!

That pure thought (to attain liberation) produces great conscientiousness, mindfulness and awareness. May I make the essential practice keeping the vows of individual liberation, the root of the doctrine – inspire me thus!

Having seen that all beings, my kind mothers, have fallen like myself into the ocean of cyclic existence, may I train in the supreme altruistic intention, assuming the obligation to free all migrating beings – inspire me thus!

Generating the altruistic intention alone, without cultivation of the three ethical practices, does not lead to enlightenment. Having realized this, may I practice with intense effort the vows of the conquerors and their spiritual children – inspire me thus!

By quieting distraction to false objects, and analyzing the meaning of reality, may I quickly generate within my mind stream the path uniting calm abiding and special insight – inspire me thus!

When, trained in the common path, I am a suitable vessel, let me enter with ease the great gateway of the fortunate ones, the Vajrayana, the highest of all vehicles – inspire me thus!

The basis of achieving the two powerful attainments is the pure vows and commitments that I have pledged. Having found true understanding of this, may I keep them even at the cost of my life – inspire me thus!

Having realized the significance of the two stages, which are the essence of the tantric path, may I steadfastly practice without laziness the four sessions of yoga, and realize what the holy beings have taught – inspire me thus!

May the spiritual teachers who lead me on the sacred path and all spiritual friends who practice it have long life. May I quickly and easily pacify all outer and inner hindrances - grant such inspiration, I pray.

In all my rebirths may I never be separated from perfect spiritual masters and enjoy the magnificent Dharma. By  completing all qualities of the stages and paths, may I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara. 

Eight Verses of Mind Training by Lojong  Tsigyema 

For imprints to realize Bodhicitta

With a determination to accomplish the highest welfare for all sentient beings, who surpass even a wish-granting jewel, I will learn to hold them supremely dear.

Whenever I associate with others, I will learn to think of myself as the lowest among all, and respectfully hold others as being supreme, from the depth of my heart. 


In all actions, I will learn to search into my own mind and as soon as an afflictive emotion arises, endangering myself and others, I will firmly face and avert it.


I will cherish beings of bad nature and those oppressed by strong negativities and sufferings, as if I had found a precious treasure very difficult to find. 

Whenever others out of jealousy, treat me badly with abuse, slander and so on, I will learn to take all loss and offer the victory to them.

When one whom I have benefited, with great hope unreasonably hurts me very badly, I will learn to view that person as an excellent spiritual guide.


In short, I will learnt o offer to everyone without exception all help and happiness directly and indirectly, and secretly take upon myself all the harms and suffering of my mothers.


I will learn to keep all these practices undefiled by the stains of all the eight worldly conceptions, and, by understanding all phenomena to be like illusions,

I will be released from the bondage of attachment.

If one is constrained by time, the following can be recited in place of the Eight Verses - From The Precious Garland by Nagarjuna:

May I always be an object of enjoyment

For all sentient beings according to their wish,

And without interference, as are the earth,

Water, fire, wind, herbs and wild forests.


May I be dear to sentient beings as their own life,

And may they be even more dear to me.

May all their ill deeds fructify for me.

And all my virtues fructify for them.

As long as any sentient being

Anywhere has not been liberated,

May I remain for the sake of that being,

Though I have attained the highest enlightenment.

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